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OSU Accreditation Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What interest in institutional accreditation do the state and federal government have?
A: The state government, which approves degree-granting authority, and the federal government, which distributes student aid and other grant monies to eligible colleges and universities, both often rely on the testimony of acceptable educational quality provided by the accrediting associations.

Q: When was OSU last evaluated for continued accreditation?
A: The last Consultant/Evaluator site visit occurred in the fall of 1995. The self-study report that OSU presented to the NCA in 1995 and the response from NCA to OSU is available from the left-side link, "1995 Accreditation" on the main page of this site.

Q: What is the difference between regional accreditation and area accreditation?
A: Regional, or institutional accreditation, differs from area, or specialized accreditation, in a fundamental way. Regional, or institutional accreditation certifies the institution. Area, or specialized accreditation certifies degree and non-degree programs of the university.

Q: When was Oklahoma State University first founded?
A: Oklahoma State University was founded on December 25, 1890, as Oklahoma Agricultural and Mechanical College, thus the initial abreviation of Oklahoma A&M.

Q: What is the purpose of institutional accreditation?
A: Institutional accreditation has two fundamental purposes: quality assurance and institutional and program improvement.

Q: When did Oklahoma State first receive accreditation as an institution of higher education?
A: Oklahoma State University has been continuously accredited by the North Central Association (NCA) since 1916. Each decade since that time an evaluation team from the NCA has visited the institution to assess whether or not the accreditation status would be continued.
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